The Nine Epiphanies

I. The Entheogen –
The Leaves are wet beneath my tired body as I lay here, sleeping deep in the forest. I have journeyed to the heart of this forest with the cannabis that will unite me with the Divine one – who is the light and truth of who we really are. Reaching beyond the boundaries of true consciousness, I discover the spirit; the peace required through that the Maker has given us to know; the true role of this natural entheogen – cannabis – is to provide light and closeness uninterrupted from any state or interference. The moon dances across the night sky as I fall deeper into a trance. This message of awareness received from our Maker became clearer as experiences surfaced, those of which were meant to teach the importance of peace through understanding and closeness with the Divine – thus, making these messages imprimaturs of wisdom and deeper thought. Every seventh year, I retreat to the forest with the entheogen to summon the Divine One and manifest the truth. It is there that I receive the visions of the Divine and our Maker pulling me further into understanding all that is, free from confusing messages and thought. The epiphanies completed their uncovering in the last dreams of the forty-ninth year revealing the truth in full meant to bring peace to the world.

II. The Revelation –
On the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year of the entheogen, I dreamed of Shennong, Wugushen and the three Kings searching nature for sacred cannabis. I met the Red Emperor along the banks of a river and observed the collection of plants. In the dream, as if immortal, my being morphed as time moved rapidly to that of the Wushang Biyao and the meetings of the Perfected Immortals. There the ancient Taoist ceremony of smoking cannabis to center around the Maker was shown to me by Yang Xi and Lady Wei Haucun. Himself immortal in my dream, Yang Xi revealed that cannabis nurtured the Shangqing scriptures and is essential to the shujia knowledge of the future. I then traveled in my dream to goddess Magu at a time when cannabis was being gathered on the seventh day of the seventh month. There, I was dressed in silk and sat entranced at holy banquets where, during séance, it was exposed to me by Magu and shujia Wei the future where cannabis will unite religions then at war.

III. The Clearing –
In early March of the fourteenth year, the night moon full as I sat silently in a meadow, I was again transformed after an angry confrontation with my father and brother. My soul ravaged by the conflict, I fell fast asleep and dreamed that I walked into a nearby field where I was visited by a woman who gave to me a drink mixed with sacred cannabis and spices, which I consumed. Thereafter, I was infused with energy and happiness. My anger was gone. I was reinvigorated. The burden of my sinful anger removed from me, my thoughts were at peace and my soul was filled with ambition. As I was transformed, before me was a stone platform on which were the Four Vedas and the ancient Atharvaveda texts surrounded by cannabis. People celebrating with bright colored clothing were assembled around the platform. As I walked toward it, I was hugged by the woman who had given me the drink. She pointed to the ancient Atharvaveda and revealed to me that cannabis is the most holy of plants. I consumed more of the drink after she showed me how to make it. I rejoiced with her and the others dressed in bright colors. Then, I was suddenly released from the dream hearing the voices of my father and brother trying to wake me. We forgave each other as I told them of the clearing of my soul. I then prepared the drink as I had learned from the woman. Together taking the holy sacrament, we were at peace far from the conflagration with our beings cleared and spirits fulfilled.

IV. The Healing –
Ravaged by fever, my thoughts raced. I could see figures above me placing their hands upon me and praying. Restless, I could not move to escape the illness that had consumed my body. Suddenly, a calm voice interrupted those surrounding me. They moved away as the voice moved closer. His gentle hand took mine as he touched my head with oil. My racing thoughts stopped, and I was immediately at peace. He then lifted my head and placed oil on my tongue praying that the fever gripping me would be removed from my body. At that moment, I felt the spirit enter me. I fell fast asleep and dreamt the spirit showed me the holy oil q’aneh-bosm I had been given for healing. It was cannabis along with small amounts of myrrh, cassia, cinnamon and olive oil. I felt the spirit tell me to again reveal the q’aneh-bosm to the world for spiritual and physical healing – to use the holy anointing oil as it was used by the shamanic Levite priesthood to receive revelations of the Lord. As I awoke from my dream, the pain of my illness was gone, and I knew my calling forever was to preach healing, peace, forgiveness and understanding through the holy oil.

V. The Awakening –
In the twenty-first year on the seventh day of the seventh month, I received revelation while in deep meditation. After consuming cannabis spiritually with my quest for understanding ongoing, I was awakened to the suffering of others. I felt the weight of suffering on me as I felt tears streaming down my face. Suddenly, I became empty and condemning of those blessed with material and riches who watched those suffering go without. It was then I knew that giving is central to our belief. That emptiness and yearning must be countered with the good in us willing to help others. To help without acknowledgement must be central to that which cannabis brings as sacrament uniting us with our maker. As my tears subsided, I felt awakened by the good of giving not for my own contentment, but for those who are suffering and in need.

VI. The Path –
While returning from the mountains in meditation upon the path in the twenty-eighth year, I began trembling in fear. My faith shaken by the insults of others, I was weakened and suffering. People from organized religions were persecuting me for my belief in cannabis as sacrament. Demanding their secular members invade temples where believers obtain sacrament and learn the ways of peace, these persecutors relentlessly attacked with words of hatred and violence. They destroyed the sacred cannabis sacrament angry that so many offended by their dogmatic rituals had found peace, solace and meaning through the cannabis entheogen. Purveyors of hate and gossipmongers chided me as I preached that cannabis would unite all of them then at war over their advertised religious rightness. I became weak as weapons were drawn upon those of us whose faith rests in cannabis. As my fear peaked, Mahȃkȃla appeared and my trepidation subsided. I consumed the cannabis sacrament and was strengthened by the command I remain on the path that will end religious war and bring peace to all people.

VII. The Elevation –
On the seventh day of the seventh month of the thirty-fifth year, I prayed for guidance after consuming cannabis. As I became closer to the Divine One, I was mired in the revelation that we must spread the word about peace, the cannabis sacrament and the end of fighting between religions. Shaken earlier by persecution, I again dreamt and was visited by Shennong. It was revealed to me that our efforts must be to empower all people, to end suffering and help those in need. To that end, we are each to elevate others in all that we do even when they may be those who persecute us. We must spread the word of peace and the uniting of religion through the cannabis sacrament that has, throughout time, been central to ritual and healing. Those who condemn us must be elevated and given the understanding that the cannabis sacrament has been used for thousands of years in religions from Islamic Sufism to the holy anointing oil q’aneh-bosm in Judaism and Christianity to the bhang in Hinduism and the prescription as an entheogen in Buddhist scripture. We must teach all the healing and spiritual powers of cannabis without any demand upon them and reveal to them that cannabis is provided in nature and meant to unite us in peace regardless of the Maker we respectively hold dear.

VIII. The Understanding –
In the forty-second year, I was visited in dream by the goddess Magu. She chastised me for doing that which I had condemned in others. As we together gathered cannabis on the seventh day of the seventh month, I was told that there is no demand in our teachings and beliefs for those who may not share our beliefs. Understanding is not forcing a belief on others but rather understanding that each spirit and soul is free and will make choices that should not adversely affect others or cause suffering for them. We are not warriors but are messengers of peace seeking to end suffering and violence. The understanding is not what we believe, but that each has the opportunity to grow and believe on their own. We must be cognizant of that understanding as we spread the message that peace will be achieved through the cannabis sacrament that has been given to us.

IX. The Prophecy –
On the seventh day of the seventh month of the forty-ninth year, aged in appearance and much wiser through experience, a vision of the future was revealed to me as I dreamt of the Perfected Immortals. In the vision was a world at peace where there was no more war between religions. The cannabis sacrament common to all of them in their histories was consumed by the leaders who had come together to end what had led to deaths of millions over thousands of years. Instead of fighting, the religions recognized that the higher powers of each of them had insisted on peace – that peace would embrace the souls of all people – and that no death, suffering or war was justified because of differing beliefs. As I awoke, I was at peace knowing that suffering would someday end.

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